Aboitiz Run to Reduce

This is my first official 5k run. I’m kind of nervous thinking about this. I know I’ve done jogging and all for the whole week but this is a RUN. So much different from jogging as what my friend said once. I’m anxious at the same time excited to do this. 5K might be to short for someone but not for me .Categories of the run include 3k, 5k, 10k and 22k. Because this is my first time to participate in this kind of event. I prefer joining the 5k. Not too short at the same time not that far.

 The assembly time for the event was 4AM in SUGBU, somewhere in South Reclamation Project (SRP). I wake up early in the morning to prepare for the run. All the things that I needed were all set. The shoes (which is actually not for running but for trekking), my trekking shorts, singlet and my bib. All ready for the run.
 We arrived in the assembly area around 4:30AM. The morning sun still not up and  I was able to capture this fascinating building in the middle of the crowd. There were so many people who participated in this event.
 We meet up with some of our friends who also join this event. Not long enough, the run for the 5k starts.
 Next thing I knew, I was running towards my turning turning point. When we got there, I take this shot with my cousin who was running with me.
I was almost drained out of energy running towards the finish line. I thought I couldn’t make it. At one point I was thinking, if I’m not gonna make it this time I will never gonna make it in The North Face Trail Run. I keep conditioning my thoughts and keep pushing myself to finish.
The next thing I knew, I was catching my breath in the finish line. Yes! I finally did it. My official 5k run.
It was such a nice feeling. A feeling of accomplishment and self-respect. I can finally say I can make it to TNF Trail Run.
 We head to the food station to claim our share of  egg, fruits and Gatorade. A heavy run and a heavy meal after wards. Don’t you think its just fair? I did. I love to eat as much as I love adventure. That’s why I was  so happy knowing I got to eat a lot of food after the run.
And guess what? They all decided to go to my place to chill out. Well I guess it’s just fine. All success deserves a celebration. 🙂

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