Bonbon | River Trekking and Caving

It’s been a long time since I last set foot in Bon2x. This place is usually where we spent our overnight if we wanted to get out of the City.Only a few people know about this place besides the locals around the area.
Isn’t this place perfect for a getaway?
We met up with the group at JY Square Mall. About 30mins after, we head our way to the jeepney stop to take a ride to Bonbon.
We take a jeepney ride towards our destination. The coolest thing happens during this ride? A  fortune teller was riding with us. We didn’t ask her any questions. She just handed us information regarding our future. Kinda creepy though. She even told me my husband in the future will die ahead of me. It got me thinking for a while.
We trek towards the outpost where we will spend the day. I enjoy the trek even though the heat of the sun  keeps kissing my skin. I’m excited knowing I’m going to dip my body in the cold water when I get there.
We dip in the water before heading to the cave.It was so refreshing having to dip your burnout body in the water.
I did not go inside the cave. I just leave it to the first timers. I went in last year and by the time I get out, I swear I’m never going to go inside again. Going inside once was enough. The cave was nice, but going in again was never part of my plan that day. So, I just waited for them outside. I enjoyed watching their faces coming out of the cave’s entrance, smiles are all over their dirty face. I think they really enjoyed the trip inside and had so much fun crawling in the mud.
Around 3PM we started to trek towards the BIG FALLS. It wasn’t that tiring though, considering that we hike almost an hour to reach the hidden beauty of the waterfalls.

The view towards the falls is  just amazing. It will take away your exhaustion.

 It was raining when we got to this beautiful waterfall. But this does not stop me from taking out my camera and capture this amazing view.

We parade back to the bungalow around 4:30PM. As for me and Caitlin, we run our way back to the small hut. Yes.. trail running back to the bungalow. Next thing I knew, I’m catching my breath. And what else is a better way to end the day? Having a post climb meeting before going home. I really had so much fun with these guys.

More photos here and here.

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