Backpacking Checklist

I was scanning through my files in the drawer and I come across this climbing checklist. It was given to me by a friend a long time ago, to help me with my packing. Honestly, I really have some packing issues. I usually forgot to bring the most important things during our climbs. This checklist have really work wonders to me. I hope it will also help you. This also a good reference for travelers.

___ Long sleeved shirt
___ Short sleeved shirt
___ Sweater
___ parka
___ Vest
___ Pants (non-denim)
___ insulated long pants
___ cycling shorts
___ long underwear
___ swimsuit

___ Cap, hat, visor
___ bandana, tubao
___ facemask, ski mask

___ Mountain shoes
___ Socks
___ Gaiters
___ Sandals, Slippers

___ Mitts
___ Gloves
    Wind/Rain wear
___ Raincoat, poncho, rain pants
___ Wind breaker, Wind pants
___ Tent, Vestibule, Stakes, Guylines
___ Ground Sheet, Tarp
___ Backpack, Pack Cover
___ Day pack, Assault Bag
___ Ditty Bag
___ Pack plastic liner/bag
___ Sleeping bag
___ Sleeping pad
___ walking pole
___ stove, fuel
___ Matches, Lighter
___ Lantern, Candles
___ Cookpot, cups, plates
___ spoon, fork
___ Can opener, Corkscrew
___ Polybags, aluminum foil
___ water container
___ knife/swiss knife
___ Toothbrush, floss
___ Toothpaste
___ Washcloth, Towelettes
___ Toilet paper, tissue
___ Sanitary napkins
___ First Aid kit
___ Water purifier/filter
___ Lip protection
___ Insect repellant
___ Glasses
___ Sunscreen
___ Maps, Map case
___ Compass
___ Altimeter
___ Signal Mirror, Flares
___ Whistle
___ Pencil, Pen
___ Radio
___ Thermometer
___ Watch, Clock
___ Monocular, Binoculars
___ Bolo
___ Flashlight
___ Extra Batteries
___Rice, Cereals
___ Canned goods
___ Instan Noodles
___ Wheat/Rye bread
___ Salt, Pepper, Sugar
___ Cooking oil, Butter
___ Spices
___ Vitamins
    Trail foods
___ Cheese
___ Bread, Cookies, crakers
___ Chocolates
___ Raisins
___ Nuts
___ Fruits
___ Jellies
___ Nata de coco
___ Jam
___ Game cards
___ Personal music player
___ Books, Magazine
___ Guidebooks
___ Camera, Tripod
___ Spirits, Alcohol beverages
___ Cold Drink mixes, juices
___ Energy Drinks
___ Breakfast drinks (coffee, tea)
___ Repair kit, tool kit
___ Nylon line, wire, rope
___ Duct tape, epoxy
___ Employment ID, student ID
___ Medical Insurance ID
___ Climb ID
___ Betadine, Paficare, etc.
___ Iodine
___ Bandage, Band-Aids
___ Sterile Gauze
___ Tape
___ Anti-Infection ointment
___ Cotton, cotton buds
___ Fisherman’s friend
___ Eye  drops
___ Paracetamol
___ Lomotil, diatabs
___ Pain Reliever
___ Ethyl alcohol
___ Anti itch solution
___ Anti-histamine
___ Toothacke meds
___ Antibiotic
___ oil
___ Powder
___ Deodorant
___ Razor
___ Mirror
___ Lotion
___ Facial cleanser
___ Comb, brush
___ soap
___ shampoo
Now, you might worry how to pack that all into your bags. Well, you don’t have to bring it all. Just pick out the things you want and make your own checklist.
To make it easier for you to locate your things in your backpack, create a system that will enable you to immediately point where you placed a particular item in your pack. Say a check mark before an item means it is located in the hood of your pack, a backslash means it is located in the green ditty bag in the pack. Overtime, you will be able to formulate your own checklist.
I have already made my own personal checklist now and got my own system of packing. I hope this will also help you out on your packing. I have a downloadable link here in case you want to download the file. CLICK HERE to download.

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