Weekend Bouldering at Campo 4

Last week we went bouldering with my cousins and friends. Yes I know, I’m a little bit late posting about this. I get busy from my work this past couple of weeks. I can hardly find time to update my blogs. 🙂 Well, so much for excuses. Let’s get into it.
I was so excited about this activity when my friend invited me. I have never done bouldering before and its listed on my bucket list. It makes me more excited knowing I’ll be going to cross out one thing from my list. We headed to Campo 4 for the bouldering. Just a couple of rides from our house. We meet up with my friends and started our way down to the river. We did a little river trekking before arriving in our destination.
Bouldering was not that easy. We went through a lot of big rocks. Its more dangerous than we thought. Just one mistake, and your on your way to the hospital. Did I scare you right there? I’m not really kidding. It was really dangerous, but what can I do, I really enjoyed it! hehehe..
After a couple of hours wrestling our way through big rocks.
We find ourselves in a beautiful spot, over looking a magnificent view from the top.
We also found this amazing jacuzzi-like pool. It was like they’ve create a hole at the middle of a big rock.
We decided to dip our heated bodies in the cold water for a few minutes, before headed our way down. It was a great experienced that I will never forget. All the danger, scratches and wounds are all worth it. I don’t mind doing it again. 🙂
PS: More photos from this activity are posted at my multiply account.

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