Travel Inspiration

When I made my blog From Sea to Summit, I intended it to be an outdoor blog. Somewhere were I can post anything about my outdoor activities. Later on, I come across a lot of Filipino travel blogs. Right then and there I realize that I can also write about my travel experiences in this blog. So I decided to make this a travel/outdoor blog.
Since I was a kid, I always love to go to place I never been to.Basically, that’s the reason why I chose mountaineering as a hobby. I love the feeling of being in a place where no one knows you. I got fascinated how the locals in a certain area, live their life. Traveling to different places is one of my dream. But I always thought traveling is too expensive. Not until I came across Journeying James’ blog. His blog is such an inspiration. All of his backpacking challenges and more make me realize that I can travel in a cheap way.
I’ve been climbing mountains for four years, and I guess travelling with a backpack is not an issue to me. With my backpacking skills, I think I can plan my own backpacking challenge like Journeying James plan his. I’ve made itineraries and host a friendship climb a few times, so the whole backpacking thing is not new to me. But I still need to prepare and plan my trip.
I’m starting to plan my backpacking challenge, as we speak. Since I’m not yet comfortable travelling alone,  my cousin Carla who also has the same passion I have, is going with me on this trip. As I was planning our  very own Backpacking Challenge, I found myself in the Sole Sisters blog. This is a blog of two remarkable lady, blogging their adventures and trips in Southeast Asia. They’ve become one of my inspiration in planning a backpacking trip. Because I want to be updated with their blog’s content, I registered my self in their email newsletter. In return, I got to have a copy of their magnificent e-book.   
The Sole Sister Guide to Planning an Epic Adventure eBook has been a great help to me on planning our trip. This eBook is equipped with all the trip planning information and tips you need. If you want a copy of this fantastic eBook, head now to Sole Sister blog and subscribe to their newsletter. I guarantee you, you’ll never regret it. 🙂 

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