La Libertad, Negros | Lalimar Beach Resort

Lalimar Beach Resort is located in La Libertad Negros Oriental. Presently Lalimar is now catering seminars, wedding, family reunion and other services which is being handled by the Local Government.
Last March, my cousin, my brother and I went on a hitchhiking adventure. We hitchhike from Cebu to Negros. One of our stopovers was in Lalimar Beach Resort.
Lalimar also has this Diver Shop where you can purchase some souvenir and booked your next diving session.
The resort don’t require you to pay for an entrance fee, however, if you want to use their pool, you need to pay PhP55 per person.
Photo from lalimar beach resort
This is Lalimar’s Cottage 1 to 4. It cost PhP 1,540 / 2 person. A PhP 200 for each additional guest. 
Cottages 1 to 4 are fully air conditioned with large and spacious bath room including hot and cold showers. These cottages can accommodate up to six people.
Cottage No. 5 is a private cottage perfect for a romantic get-away or newly wed couple. It is fully air-conditioned and has its own dinning area and veranda. PhP 2,420 good for 2 person. An additional PhP 200 for each extra guest.
Cottage No. 7 is a story cottage appropriate for group accommodation. It has one air-conditioned bed room that can accommodate up to six people and a second story loft (none air conditioned) that can accommodate 14 people. This cottage cost PhP 3,080.
Cottage Rates and Facilities:
Cottage no. 1-4 ——————————— PhP 1,540
Cottage no. 5  ———————————– PhP 2,420
Cottage no. 6 [whole cottage] —————- PhP 3,740
Cottage no. 6A ——————————— PhP 2,640
Cottage no. 6B ——————————— PhP 1,760
Cottage no. 7 ———————————– PhP 3,080
Budget Room [non-aircon] ——————- PhP 220/head
Function Hall Main —————————- PhP 3,000
Function Hall Annex ————————– PhP 2,000
Umbrella [10 seaters] ————————- PhP 330
Umbrella Poolside [8 seaters] ————— PhP 275
Swimming Pool:
      Adult ————————————— PhP 55
      Children [below 12years old] ———- PhP 33
Extra chairs ———————————— PhP 11
Extra table ————————————- PhP 44
Contact Number: 
Lalimar Beach Resort
San Jose, La Libertad, Negros Oriental
Cell no. : 09082127683 / 09177071409

16 thoughts on “La Libertad, Negros | Lalimar Beach Resort

  1. Hi Rosie,

    You'll have to ride any bus from Bacolod going to Dumaguete. The resort is just beside the road. I'm pretty sure the driver knows where this is, so inform them to drop you off to this place. 🙂

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