Travel Guide | Medellin, Cebu

Medellin is located in the Northern part of Cebu.It has been called the sugar bowl of Cebu because most its 7,400-hectare land area is planted to sugar.
How to get there:

Medellin is a 3-hour ride from Mactan International Airport. If you have no private car, you can still make use of Bus and V-hire made available in North Bus Terminal in Mandaue City. Make sure you ride the Bus with “Kawit” route. These are the only buses that will take you directly to the town of Medellin. Bus fare will more or less be at P100. 

Where to stay:

Don’t worry yourself on where to stay in Medellin. There are a variety of resort that you can chose from.
Mercedes Village and Country Club
This is located at Dayhagon, Medellin Cebu. At P1,000, you can occupy an air-conditioned room good for 2 person. As their guest, you can gain access to their pool and their international golf course. The room has hot/cold shower and a bathtub, a refrigerator and TV set. Inclusive of your P1,000 are a couple of clean towel, a couple of toilet paper and a bar of soap.

This is owned by the Municipal Government, located in Barangay Tindog. They have 2 air-conditioned room that are rented out at only P750 each per night.
Photo from Medellin website
Seahorse Tourist Inn
This resort was initially built as a private resort of Col. Stim Muñasque way back 2002. Now, it has been one of the places in Medellin to accommodate Tourist and Local visitors. This beautiful inn is located in Kawit, Medellin, Cebu. For P1,700 per night, you can avail of their cozy air-conditioned rooms, plus a great view from your balcony and a fine white sand beach in front of the resort.
Photo from Medellin website
Palm’s Inn and Beach Resort
This spacious Inn is located in Barangay Mahawak, Medellin. It has elegant furniture, cozy rooms and a swimming pool. You can rent it at P2,500 per rooms. For more inquires, call  (032)463-2275.
Photo from Medellin website
Lea’s Sunset View Beach Resort
This is located in Barangay Kawit, Medellin. For more inquires, just call (032)436-2101.
Kawit Shoreline
If your in a tight budget and no plans of renting a room, you can always bring your tent with you. Kawit shoreline is free for you. Locals in Barangay Kawit seems to be friendly. Getting around will be just fine. 🙂
Things to do:
There are a lot of things that you can do whenever you’re in Medellin.
Zipline and Tarzan Jump in ZipAway located in Barangay Caputatan Norte. It is a municipal-owned eco-adventure park. Which explains why they have so affordable zipline and Tarzan jump rates. Zipline will only cost you P50, while Tarzan jump is only P25.
Visit Funtastic Island of Gibitngil. Cliff diving is a must! Just joking. 🙂 Jump in the crystal clear water from the diving board mounted in the cliff, with a height of 30-feet. By the way, cottages in Funtastic Island are all FREE. You can also Scuba dive or Snorkel in the Coral Reef surrounding the island.  Or better yet, relax and enjoy the long stretch shifting sand bar in Sitio Pasil which is still located within Gibitngil island. The Municipality of Medellin offers a motor boat for tourist who wanted to visit this island. It will cost you P1,200, good for 20 persons. The good thing is, you can have the motor boat for the entire day. If you wanted to go somewhere else after here, you can do so. Just instruct the captain of the boat.
photo from Medellin website
Visit the watchtower or stay relax in a floating cottage. Trips to these watchtower and floating cottage are available in HideAway Resort. Watchtower will cost you P1,200 for the whole day while the floating cottage is only P750 for the entire day.
If your more into water sports, Medellin offers a variety of route for kayaking. Don’t have kayaks? No need to worry. HideAway offers kayak rentals at P50 per hour.
Estimated expenses:
Bus Fare – P100-P150 (one way)
Getting around (tricycle, habal-habal, etc) – P100
[Note: I don’t know the exact rate of the bus fare and habal-habal fare. So if you want to know the exact amount of these, just contact the number I provided in the Contact person below.]
Adventure Rates:
     Motorboat to Gibitngil Island – P1,200 good for 20 person
     Zipline – P50
     Tarzan Jump – P25
     Kayaking – P50 per hour
     Floating Cottage – P750 for the entire day
     Watchtower – P1,200 for the entire day
Accommodations: (you can chose one among these)
     Mercedes Village and Country Club – P1,000 per room
     HideAway Apartelle – P750 per room
     Seahorse Tourism Inn – P1,700 per room
     Palm’s Inn Beach Resort – P2,500 per room
Contact Person:
For more information about Medellin, visit Medellin’s Official Website or better yet, call (032)436-2031. I’m pretty sure they’ll be happy to answer your questions.
  • Call or visit the municipality for your safety.
  • Inquire regarding motorboat reservation so that they can reserve the boat on the day of your trip.
  • Bring your own food. It helps, especially when your on a tight budget.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask around. Locals are very friendly.

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  1. Great place to travel. I didn't know about this place befor reading thie details here. The place is very beautiful, accommodation looks luxurious one and activities are full of fun. Thank you very much for sharing this nice informative post here with great pictures.

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