Adventure Journal | Lanuza Surf Trip [Part 1]

When we speak of surfing, Siargao always pops out in our mind before Surigao. But recently, I learned that Surigao is also a great spot for surfing. Even cheaper, compared to Siargao.
* Day 1 
I was so excited about this trip that I wasn’t able to sleep the night before. I’m confused what to pack and I can’t even decide what to bring. Eventually, I made it through packing and was heading to Mactan International Airport at 9AM. Because I’m too excited to get out of our house, I forgot to have breakfast. So before meeting up with the entire group and checking in, Carla and I grab some juicy hotdog sandwich from Smokeys.
I was a bit worried this trip wouldn’t push through. Storm signal no.1 is still clouding Cebu, and a few of my friends suggested that I should ditch this trip. Hell no! Surfing is in my bucket list. Rain  storm or shine I will go to Surigao.
It was a bumpy quick flight. Took us less than an hour to arrive in Surigao Airport. Compared to our Mactan International Airport, Surigao Airport is a bit small. ^_^
We head directly to the terminal where we could catch a Van going to Lanuza. The terminal is just a few blocks away from the Airport, so we just walk our way there. According to a friend of mine, It’s a long 4 hour drive to Lanuza and no stopovers. It is advisable to empty your bladder and stuff yourself with food before jumping inside the van. Which is basically what we did.
Photo from web
It was dusk when we arrived in Lanuza. Good thing we had our reservation at Mami’s Surfhaus, or else we’ll be looking elsewhere for other lodging house. We contact some local surfers who can teach us how to surf, and getting everything prepared for the next day. Since we don’t have time to catch some waves, we made new friends with some of the local surfers instead. We head to Bayud–a local bar in Lanuza, for a few drinks of Pirik-pirik. Pirik-pirik is a local tequila made of raisins, jackfruit and vinegar to name some of its ingredients. It really does taste like tequila. Definitely a must-try!

* Day 2

We get up early the next day to start our surfing 101. Although some of us already know how to surf, there are some who are looking forward on their first try to stand on a board, which includes me. With skin protected by sunblock, we make our way to see the beach.
After learning the basics, our instructor helps us get our first wave. I used to think that surfing is an easy sport. After attempting to ride my first wave, I realize that it wasn’t that easy after all. While the local surfers, children surfers to be specific,  were enjoying themselves in riding big waves, I’m struggling to stand up on my board. How pathetic. I almost give up, but then again I thought ‘if others can do it, I can do better!’
Eventually, after a few tries and several wipe outs, I manage to stand and get my balance. Yey!  I still do get wiped out after that, but I can manage. I’m just glad Kim–my instructor, has a lot of patience teaching me.
We head back to Mami’s Surfhaus for lunch and a quick nap before surfing again. But a quick nap seems to be a bad idea at that time. While others are napping, Carla, te Panyang, Jeymz, Nappy and me, went hunting for a nearby internet cafe to play DOTA. We manage to find a couple of internet cafe nearby, but it’s all occupied. Luckily, we met Kim and offer to accompany us to the last internet cafe in town.
After a couple of hours on the web, we head back to our lodging house to get ready for another round of surfing. They surf their heart out until sundown, while I stayed on the shoreline silently observing everything around me. I can’t help but praise those surfers smoothly riding waves on Shortboards, and making it seems so easy. How I wish I could do that. But for now, let’s just stick to Longboards and tiny waves. ^_*
To be continued….
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