Adventure Journal | Lanuza Surf Trip [Part 2]

Day 3

Cantilan is another great alternative spot for surfing. It’s a 30-minute ride from Lanuza. So far, Cantilan has the finest brown sand I have ever been to. And the view from the shore is magnificent. It gives you the feeling your in El Nido. Well, I have never been to El Nido but from the pictures I saw, it feels like it.
On our third day, we rent a multi-cab and head to Cantilan. It was nice and sunny when we left the house. We had a stopover at Cantilan public market for breakfast when rain suddenly pours. So much for Mr. Sunshine. But then again, rain or shine, the surf must go on.
Cantilan is great, and less crowded compared to Lanuza’s beach. It feels like you have your own private beach. After a while, the downpour stops just as we arrived at the beach. Mr. Sunshine is up again, and we are all eager to ride another wave. Stoked*
So we were having the time of our life trying to master the art of balancing, when rain showers start to sit in. The thing is, rain showers don’t scare us. Instead, we continued to surf and make the most out of it. As long as waves keep coming… we’re good!
After hours of catching waves, we tramp our way to the other side of the beach. We had a quick dip as what I can recall as a lake. Its stillness and tranquility was admirable that we don’t want to get up from where we are. We wanted to stay a little longer but others are raring to go back to Lanuza.
We went directly to the beach the moment we arrived in Lanuza. We spend the rest of the day surfing, and trying our very best to stand on our Longboards effortlessly. We kinda get the hang of it after 2 days of spending most of our time in the water.
Less than 24 hours left in town. I want to make sure I spend the significant portion of it getting pointlessly drunk! Good thing it’s Ate Panyang’s birthday, so we all head to Bayud to celebrate it.  Since it’s our last night at Mami’s place, it’s just proper that we snap some pictures with all the people staying at the Surf Haus. 🙂
Day 4
Last day in Lanuza. Attorney (local surfer), went out of his way to wake us up just so we could surf for the last time. We geared up and went to the beach.  Since I’m in no mood for some adventure photos, I left my camera in the house.With a hangover from last nights drinking spree, it makes it impossible for me to enjoy the waves. I was lying in the sand most of the time doing nothing while others are having fun.
After 3 hours of surfing, we headed back to the house and pack. We all hated the thought of leaving, but what else can we do? Reality is starting to knock on our doors. Makes it hard for us to pack our things knowing in a few hours, we’re back to reality again.
I had so much fun with all the experience we had on our Lanuza surf trip. Definitely worth the bruises. I’m planning to go back there soon. Hopefully early next year. [Fingers crossed!] *_^

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  1. Honestly no… :)I think this camera has stabilization problem or whatsoever. I can't even get a good photo at low light. Maka-stress kaau.. hehehe.. I suggest GoPro or Canon PowerShot D10 instead.

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