Travel Guide | Lanuza, Surigao del Sur

Your Guide to Cheap and Affordable Surfing

Looking for a cheap alternative surfing destination for Siargao? Lanuza will make it on your list. There’s a lot to see and do in this quiet town, but I guess the best thing to do here is to surf and drink. They have the most amazing and friendly community of surfers. You can really get a feel for the neighborhood pretty easily.

Photo from Wikipedia
Lanuza is located at the Northern part of Surigao del Sur, one of the four provinces of the Caraga Region. This peaceful town is noted as a surfing destination with its various surfing areas from Beach breaks to Reef Breaks. The Surfing season usually starts in November and will last until March. 
How to get to Lanuza
* If you’re flying, chances are you’ll arrive at Surigao Airport. That’s 4-hour ride to Lanuza. From the airport you can walk your way to the bus terminal and take the bus or van to Lanuza. The trip will  cost you 200Php.
Flight Schedule 
Air Philippine Express
Surigao-Manila-Surigao : Daily
Surigao-Cebu-Surigao : Tue-Thurs-Sat-Sun
Cebu Pacific
Surigao-Manila-Surigao : Tue-Thurs-Sat-Sun
Surigao-Cebu-Surigao : Daily
* If you’re travelling by sea, you will arrive at Eva Macapagal Passenger Terminal or Surigao Ferry terminal. There are plenty of multi-cabs outside the pier, take the one with “terminal” signboard. That multi-cab will get you to Surigao bus terminal. Your trip will cost you Php 20. 

Surigao-Cebu-Surigao boat schedules for your reference. 

Here’s a detailed map on how we made it to Lanuza.  I so love Google Map for this. I enjoy creating Placemarks and choosing cute icons for the landmarks. I’ll let you in a little secret… I’m kinda obsessed with maps.  🙂

Where to stay in Lanuza
Since there are no hotels in Lanuza, the DOT and locals adopt the Bed and Breakfast strategy which they call as Homestay Program. This Homestay Program provides opportunity for the residents in Lanuza to cater to the needs of guests and visitors of their town. There are plenty of homes for all budgets in this quiet little town, but I’m not familiar with all of them. However, I can highly suggest one.
Mami’s Surf Haus
This is your home away from home. It is a walking distance to everything you need.  Mami’s Surf Haus has a couple of rooms, but the rate of staying here is per pax. Your stay in this house will cost you 250Pph/pax/night. Mami Belen [owner of the house], also serves home cooked meals for the guests. But of course you have to pay for it. That’s 100Php/meal . I know it might be pricey for some, but I can guarantee you that it is worth it. 🙂
Airfare [Cebu-Surigao] : c/o Ate Panyang
Terminal Fee [Cebu] : Php 200 
Van Fare [Surigao Terminal-Lanuza bnf] : Php 400 
Surf Board rental [1,000/8]: Php 125/pax
Boat Fare [Surigao-Cebu] : Php 850
Accomodation: c/o Ate Panyang
Food:  c/o Ate Panyang  [Thanks Ate Pang! ^_^]

* Surfboards rental and surf lessons:
“Attorney” Saliva – 09995309354
* Mami’s Surf Haus [accommmodation]
Mami Belen – 09199239007


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  1. Indeed! You'll feel more at home this way compared to staying in a hotel. You should visit it sometime. They have great surf spots, and very friendly locals. 🙂

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