Lanuza, Surigao Del Sur | Mami’s Surf Haus

Your Home Away from Home

Mami surf haus, Lanuza, SurigaoMami’s Surf Haus is one of the few houses included in the Homestay program in Lanuza. Since there are no hotels in the area, the LGU and the locals adopt the homestay system instead. In that way, the local can benefit first hand on the tourism of their place.

Mami Surf haus dining areaThere are few houses that are included in the Homestay program, but like I said on my previous post about this trip, I’m not familiar with them. I do know one thing that makes Mami’s Surf Haus stand out from the rest. FOOD! Food is a major, major reason to come here. Mami Belen serves the most scrumptious food you’ll ever taste.

Mami Surf Haus' living roomAnother reason to stay at Mami’s Surf haus is the spacious living room/area. We usually stay here for a few minutes after our meals, before going to anything we want to do. I don’t know if other Homestay have television, but Mami’s Surf Haus have one. And it has cable connection, which is great.


Another advantage of staying at Mami’s Surf Haus is the accessibility of the place to everything. It’s a couple of blocks to the beach, a walking distance to the market and terminal, and a few walks to the main road.

The disadvantage of the place… you can’t have a solo room for yourself. Well, you can actually have one, that is if there’s no other people staying at the surf haus. If  you’re not alone, then I guess you have to make friends with your new roommates. It’s actually cool when you think about it. You’re stranger to each other when you first came in, but you’re best buddies when you leave the house.

Anyway, for me, this is the best place to stay.

Rates: Php 250/pax/night + Php 100/meal (if you want to eat Mami Belen’s savory meals ^_^)
Contact: Mami Belen – 09199239007


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