How to Get a Permit for the Underground River Tour

How to get permit for Underground river tour

When planning a DIY tour for Palawan, don’t forget the most important thing, secure a Permit for the Underground River. Unlike before which you could secure/reserve one over the phone, today you need to get it personally. Unless you take advantage of the packaged tour offered by Travel Agencies, your travel agency will secure the permit for you. They also closed down the booking office in Sabang. So the only booking office left that authorize giving out permit for Underground River, is their new main office in City Coliseum, Puerto Princesa. 

How to get to City Coliseum? 

From Puerto Princesa Airport, ride a tricycle to City Coliseum. Standard fare would be PHP 80/trike. If you’re on a solo trip, try to haggle. Most of the trike drivers are friendly. You might have a chance.

How to apply for the Underground River Permit?

STEP 1:  Get transaction number and wait for your turn.
STEP 2: Submit tour and personal details for processing.
STEP 3: Proceed to Table 1 & 2 for walk in’s, Table 3 and 4 for Travel Agencies.
STEP 4: Payment of assessed cost of VEP to City Collector.
STEP 5: Signature of PAMB representative to finalize VEP.

Permit Rates


 LOCAL Adult   PHP 100 Minor  PHP 75 Senior Citizen (C1)  PHP 100 Differently abled (C3)  PHP 100
FOREIGN Adult  PHP 150 Minor PHP 100


LOCAL Adult 21-59y.o (LA)  PHP 175 Minor 13-20y.o. (LM)  PHP 100 6-12 years old (C2)  PHP 75 3-5 years old  PHP 75
FOREIGN Adult  PHP 250 Minor  PHP 150

Note: 2 years old below are not allowed to enter the cave.

Office Hour

 Monday to Friday 8:00AM – 4:00PM No Lunch Break
Saturday to Sunday 8:00AM-11:00AM & 1:00PM – 4:00PM

Contact Numbers

Underground River Booking Office
City Coliseum
National Highway, bgy. San Pedro
Puerto Princesa City, Philippines
Tel. Nos. (48) 434-2509/ (48) 7230904

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