El Nido | Tay Miloy’s Inn

Tay Miloy's Inn 4person bedroom

If you’re here and reading this article, it just means you’re looking for a cheap and budget friendly accommodation. Finding a place to stay is one of the most important parts of planning a trip. It can be a bit of a challenge for some, especially to those who are on a tight budget. But if you’re a keen researcher, I’m pretty sure you’ll get through.

El Nido is one of the most popular tourist spots in the Philippines. And when we say popular, it also means pricey accommodation and luxury hotels. But, during my recent trip to this amazing place, I found out that there is indeed a lot of budget friendly places to stay. You just have to know where to look.

Tay Miloy's Inn at El Nido

Tay Miloy’s Inn is one of the cheapest accommodation in the town of El Nido. Aside from being affordable, this inexpensive lodging is situated in the heart of El Nido. A walking distance to the Beach, restaurants, church, everything… What else could you ask for?

El Nido| Tay Miloy's inn : 4person bedroom

We arrived in El Nido  with no prior reservation at any resort in town. Although I had a few names of resorts in mind, I feared we might not be able to find a cheap place that will fit our budget, without sacrificing our comfort. The trike driver we meet at the terminal told us that we might have a hard time finding a place to stay, since we didn’t have any reservation beforehand. We were just counting on our luck when we went to Tay Miloy’s Inn. Fortunately there was a vacant room good for 4 people which cost PHP800/night. It was perfect, since there were only three of us.

Tay Miloy's Inn bathroom

I adore the color of the room. Although it’s not my favorite, but  it gives the room that summer feel. Another thing I love about the place was it,s spacious, and has its own private bathroom. They also have Wi-Fi, but you can’t expect it to be available 24/7. With the electricity they have in El Nido, I doubt. Their electricity is only available from 2PM-6AM.

Tay Miloy's Inn

The room we occupied also has its own sink. So we had so much space. Aside from the room we keep, there are (4) four more rooms, each is good for 2 people.

Tay Miloy's Inn

They also have this veranda where you can hang out with other traveler who is staying at the inn. I really enjoyed my stay here, and if I ever find myself in El Nido again, I will definitely stay at Tay Miloy’s Inn.

Rates:  Good for 2 pax: Fan Room – PHP 300/night  Aircon Room – PHP 300/night
Good for 4 pax:  Fan Room – PHP 800/night
::Additional extra person – PHP 150/pax

Kuya Rodrigo – 0929 795 5756
Email: rodrigo.caranog@gmail.com


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