EL NIDO | Inland Tour

Nacpan Beach | Twin Beach | Nagkalit-Kalit Waterfalls

Twin beach in Nacpan, El NidoWe initially agreed to take the Tour C for our second day in El Nido, but since my cousin doesn’t want to do any island hopping, we take the Inland tour instead. We traveled 25km up north from El Nido town riding a tricycle. It was a long and bumpy road to Nacpan beach. But everything was all worth it.  

Nacpan-beach-El-NidoOur first stop—NACPAN BEACH. I can’t believe I was standing in front of this great view. The place that I only see on blogs and magazines. It was the prettiest beach I ever saw and the finest sand I ever touched. The beach was perfect. Truly, it was a beach bums haven. I’m glad that this part of El Nido hasn’t been crowded with tourist. I only saw a couple of groups arrived when we were there.

Manny Pacquiao's private island in El Nido, PalawanAccording to our tricycle driver/tour guide, this beach across Nacpan beach is the private island owned by our very own Manny Pacquiao.

The beautiful Calitang Twin Beach in El NidoFurther to the left side of Nacpan Beach is the Calitang Twin Beach. You can only see the beauty of this beach when you hike up a hill.

Nagkalit-kalit waterfalls in El NidoAfter a couple of hours at the beach, we headed to Nagkalit-kalit waterfalls. It is a 30-minute walk from the road. I was expecting a big falls but it wasn’t. Good thing the water was cold, I wasn’t totally disappointed.

Going to Nagkalit-kalit waterfallsAfter an hour in the ice-cold water. We headed back to our trike. Our driver/guide wanted to take us to another wonderful beach, but my cousin was already tired and wanted to head back to our Inn to rest. Since majority decided to go back, I didn’t pretty much have a choice but to give in.

Map of El Nido, PalawanWe ended our inland tour as early as 3PM. It could have been better if the Taraw Climbing was part of our tour, which I was so looking forward to, but it wasn’t. That was our mistake. We didn’t book the inland tour directly from Servant Tours. Servant Tour offers four destinations for their Inland tour—Makinit hot spring, Calitang Beach, Nagkalitkalit Waterfalls, and Taraw Climbing.

There are a lot of resorts and agency offering various island hopping tour packages in El Nido. They vary a little, depending on which booking office you choose. I suggest you check first on Servant Tour before booking your island hopping tour. Servant Tour offers a great deal of tour packages that’s worth your money.

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