New City, New Life


Finally, I decided to take that first step towards my dream. A dream that brought me to a new city, and a new life. Although it doesn’t involved quiting a job, which what most travellers do these days. But instead, I’m going to explore the world by having a job, one country at a time.


I always wanted to travel the world and experience the different cultures of every country. But to do that, I want to stay in a country for long period of time. Initially, my plan was to become a travel nurse. As defined by WikiHow, Travel nurses are registered nurses that are paid to travel and work in a hospital setting for a duration of a few months to a year.


Working as a travel nurse, I will have the opportunity to practice my profession while travelling. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone. But then again, Philippines doesn’t offer travel nursing positions. So how the hell am I going to qualify in that field, if I don’t have enough experience?


I signed a 2-year work contract in Singapore. Hoping for that two years, I will be able to live like a local and experience its culture. I will also have that chance ofย  exploring Singapore’s neighboring countries while working. Singapore will be my gateway to Southeast Asia.


What am I going to do after 2 years? I will try to apply for a job in Canada, US or Australia, and stay there for another 2 years while exploring the country. I know it will take me years to completely travel the world, but eventually, I will be able to explore our amazing world. Nothing is constant. Maybe next month my plans will change. Maybe one day I might even quit my job. Who knows. For now, I’ll just stick to the plan.


I’m at my first month here in Singapore, and so far, I’ve come to love my job.ย  I’m very hopeful that I can do this, and that one day I can say that I’ve explored the world by landing a job one country at a time.

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