KUALA LUMPUR | Hotel Istana

Hotel Istana, Kuala LumpurLooking for a place to stay in Kuala Lumpur?

We had the privileged to stay in Hotel Istana during our trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Hotel Istana is a luxurious and elegant 5-star hotel located in Kuala Lumpur’s business and financial district triangle. This 23-storey hotel has 505 well appointed guestrooms and suites designed to suit every individual’s personal and corporate needs. A walking distance to the main attraction of the city; the Petronas Twin Tower, the Bukit Bintang shopping and entertainment hub, the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, and the China town district.

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El Nido | Tay Miloy’s Inn

Tay Miloy's Inn 4person bedroom

If you’re here and reading this article, it just means you’re looking for a cheap and budget friendly accommodation. Finding a place to stay is one of the most important parts of planning a trip. It can be a bit of a challenge for some, especially to those who are on a tight budget. But if you’re a keen researcher, I’m pretty sure you’ll get through.

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Travel Guide | Lanuza, Surigao del Sur

Your Guide to Cheap and Affordable Surfing

Looking for a cheap alternative surfing destination for Siargao? Lanuza will make it on your list. There’s a lot to see and do in this quiet town, but I guess the best thing to do here is to surf and drink. They have the most amazing and friendly community of surfers. You can really get a feel for the neighborhood pretty easily.

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Sipaway Island | Basilia White Beach Resort

Before anything else, this post is related to our Hitchhiking adventure that happened last March. Yup! Sipaway Island is one of our stop over during the hitchhike. We could have hitchhike towards Dumaguete at our second day, but we couldn’t pass the opportunity of visiting the island, which is just 15-minute away from San Carlos City.

GL Highland Resort

GL Highland Resort is located in Brgy. Gaas, Balamban, Cebu. Just last year, we went to Brgy. Gaas for a feeding program for Doc Adolf’s 4th Death Anniversary. It has been his family’s promise to do a yearly feeding in Brgy. Gaas as a tribute to his death.
We spend the night at the resort before the feeding day. We were thankful for the owner for offering us a room to stay. But most of us brought our tents, so some just stayed the night in their tent.
  We went to the Barangay Hall first thing in the morning for the feeding. We go back here after lunch.
If your a nature lover person, you’re gonna love it here. The air is fresh and the view is magnificent. I’ve been here a few times before, and I will never get tired of going back here.
Compared to their pool before, it’s more attractive now specially from a distance. They have renovated and improved the place.
How to get there:
* Private Cars : Drive your way to Balamban and look for this establishment. You wouldn’t miss this. It is at your left when your going to Balamban.
* V-Hire : You can board a v-hire bound for Balamban in Ayala Center Cebu terminal.
Estimated expenses: 
V-hire – P100 (one way)
Entrance Fee (as of 2010) 
     Adult – P20
     Kid (<5yo) – P10
     Adult – P50

Kid (<5yo) – P30

*** I don’t know the current entrance fee of the resort because our overnight stay there was for free. I just did a little research regarding the entrance fee. Most of the articles I read are dated way back 2010. 

Minglanilla, Cebu | Ruvi Cave Resort

Ruvi Cave Resort is located in Tunkop, Minglanilla Cebu. A nice place to relax and a great place to hangout with family and friends.

Our family decided to have a get together outing last January 1. Initially we wanted to go to the beach somewhere in Lapu-lapu, but it was just too far. Some of our cousins come from Car-car, so it’ll be too far for them. In the end, we just decided to have our get together in Ruvi Cave Resort.
Ruvi Cave Resort has different sizes of cottages. They also have rooms for overnight stays. If your a fella that loves to sing, they have available karaoke for you.
Although they doesn’t have a beach, they have a 4ft-7ft deep pool that you can enjoy.
They have also this small slide for children, which can also be enjoyed by adults.
They have Wi-Fi available in the area. Beside this, is their canteen. But it’ll be best if you buy food outside. Food outside are cheaper compared to the food they sell.
They have few shower room available for everyone. They also have their grilling area which is located beside their shower rooms.
How to get there: 

Ride a KMK bus from SM City or Emall to Tungkop, Minglanilla (P30 each). When you reach the minglanilla proper, ride a tricycle (P10 each), and ask about the resort. If you own a private car, find the Mary Help Christian School in Minglanilla located on the left side of the road if your facing south. Right after the school, you will find a corner on the left. Take that route and go straight till you reach the T section, turn right. So straight till the cemented portion then you turn left. About 50 meters from a corner, you will find the entrance of Ruvi Cave Resort.

Estimated Expenses: 
Bus [Cebu-Minglanilla] = P30 (one way)
Tricycle [Minglanilla-Ruvi Cave] =P10 (one way)
Daytime (8AM-6PM)
Adult – P100
Kids (<10y.o.) – P50
Night (6PM-12MN)
Adult – P120
Kids (<10y.o.) – P60
10 persons = P200
15 persons = P300

25 persons = P500
20 persons (tent) = P500
center cave – P1,000
20-30 persons (lounge w/ aircon) = P1,500

Ruvi Cave Resort
Tungkop, Minglanilla Cebu
Tel. No. : 516-4596
Fax No. : 490-3321

Alegre Beach Resort

Last month, I had the chance to spend a day in this beautiful resort. Although I wasn’t a guest at that time, I was able to roam around this small paradise.

Alegre Beach Resort is located in Sogod Cebu. By road, it takes approximately 1 1/2 hours from the airport and slightly more from Cebu City. As a policy all guests are met by a resort representative at the airport and brought to the resort by car (mostly vans), a fleet partly owned by the resort. Further pick up points are major shopping malls in Cebu as well as ferry terminals. Upon check out guests are taken back. The road from Cebu to the resort leads thru various picturesque villages, past markets and old Spanish churches, all on good roads.
I was in Alegre as an Adventure Facilitator for a team building of a certain company. My control point was one of the funniest area during the mini adventure race.
Everything was already set-up when we get there. The wall and zipline was done, and ready to be used.
The resort has a beautiful white sand beach which we had the chance to enjoy after the activities. Their beach is one of the beaches in Cebu with a fine white sands.
They have a long stretched beach that has comfortable chairs which you can use for your sunbathing or just relaxing beside the shore.
While your there, you can also try scuba diving. The resort have a great spot for diving and offers gears for guest to use.
Kayaking is also available in the resort. They have few kayaks for the guest. With their long stretched beach, I’m pretty sure you have a bigger area to enjoy kayaking.
Aside from the comfortable sunbathing chairs, they also have this outdoor spa. You can have your full body massage here while enjoying the view of the ocean.
If beach is not your thing, They have this magnificent pool for you to enjoy.
As we wander around this exquisite place, I notice this cute flower arrangement. These are flowers and petals arranged beautifully over a concrete basin of water. It gives out floral scent to the whole place.
Alegre is a 4 star resort. It’s been open to tourist for over 20 years (if I’m not mistaken). Most of their guest are foreigners. I’m glad I had this kind of opportunity. Sogod is one of the place in the North I wanted to experience. I never thought this trip would give me this great experience.

Calumboyan, Sogod, Island of Cebu, Philippines
Postal Address: P.O. Box 1094, Cebu City Philippines
Tel. Nos. +63 (0) 32 2549800; 2549811; 2549822;
Fax: +63 (0) 32 2549833
Direct Line: +63 (0) 32 2556388
Email address: reserve@alegrebeachresort.com or guest@alegrebeachresort.com