Biliran | The Hidden Paradise of Mt. Tres Marias

Have you ever seen your little paradise? I’ve seen mine. I see  it every time I enter into a forest line or witnessed a great morning with sea of clouds. It’s amazing how God have created all this things and yet only few have appreciate its beauty. Last October, our group decided to conquer Mt. Tres Marias of Biliran Province. This mountain is admired by many for its virgin forest and their waterfalls, which not so much people have the chance to visit. Mt. Tres Marias has its reputation for having a challenging trail for climbers which offers an experience that is hard to forget.
In order to get to Naval—the center of business in Biliran Province and where we have to start our journey to Mt, Tres Marias, we have to get on board a boat to bring us to Ormoc. We could have taken a boat directly to Naval, but that was Friday. The only available trip directly to Naval is during Tuesdays and Wednesday. We met up with Abbz when we arrive in Ormoc City. We asked her to buy us some butane for the climb. She was  a little late that morning, which cause us to lost our chance to ride the first bus trip to Naval. Our Itinerary for the climb got missed up that day but it never got worst either. We took the V-hire to Naval and met with our guides. They brought us to the mayor’s house for a courtesy call. Afterwards, we headed to Almeria—our jump-off point, after having our last-buys in Naval.
I expected less on our first day, it never occurred to me that we will be having a lot of river trekking. The only thing that keeps repeating in my little head, is what they said about how challenging the trail is. I guess they forgot to tell us about the river trekking part. Yes, it was indeed a challenging trail. It was not as I have imagined. The stones in the rivers where we pass through was so slippery. It even injured one of our friend.  But the good thing about river trekking, is having the chance to see those wonderful waterfalls.
DSC05911DSC05915 DSC05923
We travel across 4 waterfalls before hitting our first camp site.  The first falls was the Sampawan falls. Followed by Ulan-Ulan falls, which is the most famous among the 4 waterfalls. Then the Recolletos falls and the Nomads falls, respectively. Nomads falls was actually named after NOMADS group—a mountaineering group in Cebu City under Inter-Mountaineering Society (IMS).
We were lucky enough to set-up our camp before the rain massively drops in our location, but not so much of a luck, for we were out of water in the middle of cooking dinner. But then again, it must have been our luckiest day though. A group give us their extra water. After having a heartfelt dinner in the camp, me and my tent mates chat with other groups before heading the sack.
The next day, we peaked the highest mountain between the three peaks. I guess we run out of luck that day, because we never got the chance to see the view of the neighboring islands of Biliran. The scene from the top was covered by a thick fog  From what I have heard from our guides, the mountain seldom allowed climbers to view its beauty from the peak. We had no choice but to go back to our camp and head to our next campsite.
The second day was a bit difficult for the group. We had a not so friendly trail ahead, an injured mate, and a whole day of rain showers, which make it more crucial on our part. But the most funny thing about this, I try my best not to feel awful about the situation and just enjoy it. Although we never arrived in our second campsite that night, we still have the opportunity of comfort in the emergency camp. Our injured friend told us that she cannot make it for another step. So we just decided to stay the night in the emergency camp.
leaving emergency camp

We woke up early the next day. We need to beat our itinerary and have to be outside the forest after lunch. Most of us didn’t eat breakfast and started to hike.

Fortunately, having to consider our situation, we were almost outside the forest at noon. We decided to have our Brunch (Breakfast-Lunch combined) at the next river we crossed. It was the best brunch I ever had. Water was abundant in our surrounding. Some decided to dip their worn out body in the cold water. As for me, I had my period that time, I just enjoyed myself watching them. hehehe.. I thought were hitting the road at 2pm but I guess we’re to slow. We were out in the forest at 4pm, and lucky enough to ride a bus back to Naval.

We had dinner in the market and spend the night at one of our guide’s crib. We had our socials in the house and talked everything we experience from the climb. I consider this climb as one of my most unforgettable one. I mean, all my climbs are, but this one is just exceptional. ^_^ The whole climb was 70% river trekking, and it was my first time to see a waterfalls that much in one climb. All four falls was so magnificent. The forest was even great. You can really tell that it was  a virgin forest.  I really wish I can go back there and peaked the 3 mountains. I know it will be difficult, but its worth the try. Going back there is much like going to a little paradise.