Adventure Bucket List

I love adventure ever since I was a child. I love to climb trees and spend most of my time outdoors. Now that I’m all grown up, I’m loving more extreme outdoor and adventures. I’ll give you a chance to have a peek at my adventure bucket list. This might encourage you to create one. ^_^

Note: ☻ = been there, done that! ^_^

Scuba diving
Bike Tour
White water rafting
Run a full marathon
Bungee Jumping

So there you go. My kind of adventure!

Karancho Beach | Moonlight Kayaking

Its been a while since my last post and I really miss blogging, really. So to catch up with what keeps me occupied last September 25, here’s a sneak peek.
We went kayaking with my friends. Actually it was a moonlight kayaking. It is said to be moonlight kayaking for the reason that were kayaking at night under the moonlight. Make sense right?
So to start, I was so excited for that day. I’ve been wanting to experience Kayaking since I learned about its existence. We decided to meet up with everyone at 7PM. Like any of our outings, again we’re 1 hour late. Its not because of me but my cousins. I don’t know what keeps them. Well, anyway we headed our way to Karancho Beach Resort after meeting up with everyone. Luckily, we arrived just enough to get ready for our clinics.
 An hour of clinics and we’re ready to jump in to our kayaks. I’m so excited after knowing the right way to paddle and how to turn the kayaks to the right and to the left. You can’t blame me. I’ve been waiting for this moment to happen. So they let us ride our kayaks and lead us to the Beginners Route which they prepared for first timers like us. We were paired in the kayak. I can just remember how slow we were. Our instructor almost drag us to our first stop. Luckily, we got our phase when headed back to our starting point.
finishing my first round
After my first round of kayaking experience, I waited the 2nd batch to finish so I could again, jump in for another round of kayaking. One of my friend who happens to be our instructor for this activity promised to bring me to a nearby rocky islet. Later, when the 2nd batch have returned to the starting point, we eagerly hop to the kayaks and headed to our next destination. The rest of the pack followed us to our next stop. We spend a few minutes swimming in the clear seawater.
Upon going back to our starting point.  My friend stop me from paddling. He wanted me to enjoy my first moonlight kayaking and so I did. I stop paddling and lay down gazing at the starry sky. After seizing that moment, we headed back to the shore.
We had planned to stay the night in the resort, but our worn out bodies wanted to lay on comfortable bed. We just decided to call it a night and went home. A few stayed and waited for morning before leaving the place. As for me, my body can’t wait to rest. It’s been a long night, but I didn’t regret any second of it. It’s worth the muscle pain. Hopefully next time, I can go with my friends to cross islands with kayaks. I’m hoping and crossing my fingers on that.