Weekend Getaway | Rappelling at Campo 4

This post is way long overdue. It’s been 3months since my last post. I know you’re wondering where I had been, during these times. Well, for those of you who are new here, I maintain quite a few blogs. I didn’t made those blogs because I feel like I’m a good writer, I don’t even consider myself as one, but because I love blogs and I just love to write. In short,  I was busy updating my other blogs, and totally forgot about this one. After attending Visayas Blogging Summit last November, I realized a few things. One most important thing is the need to focus on a niche. This makes me decide to review all my blogs, and make necessary changes for great improvements. Anyway, enough of that alibis. Let’s get back to our topic, shall we? ^_^

Rappelling, as defined by Wikipedia, is the controlled descend down a rock face using a rope. However, in our case, we are rappelling down under a bridge. I’m actually sure it’s still considered as rappelling
This activity was organized by Outdoorsman’s Hub, a group of outdoor enthusiast in Facebook. Since this activity was open to all, we tag along for some weekend adventure. It was actually not my first time to go on rappelling, and definitely not my first time in Campo 4. Nevertheless, I was excited, like first time excitement. ^_^ I met new friends, and even an old schoolmate. What a small world!
I was having fun the whole time, but then, I have to leave. I promised my little sissy to bring her to Rainforest Park that day. If you’re interested enough to read about our experience there, click here. I have to warn you though. It was not that great. We’re off the topic again, so let’s get back on track. ^_^
Here’s a useful itinerary for those who want to plan rappelling in Campo 4.
Campo 4 Rappelling Itinerary

0700 Andoks [near Tabunok Flyover] and last minute buys [food/drinks/etc]
0730 ETD for Campo 4 [via Multicab]
0750 ETA Campo 4 Bridge
0800 Rigging and Safety Reminders
0830 Rappelling
1200 Lunch
1300 Open Activity/ Rappelling /SRT
1500 De-rig Quick Check and Equipment Count
1530 ETD for Tabunok
1550 ETA Tabunok proper; ETD for Cebu City
1630 ETA Cebu City

Estimated Expenses per Person: P150

  • Cebu to Tabunok, Talisay – P20 [bnf]
  • TAbunok to Campo 4 – P40 [bnf]
  • Miscellaneous [lunch, drinks, etc.]- P90

Adventure Bucket List

I love adventure ever since I was a child. I love to climb trees and spend most of my time outdoors. Now that I’m all grown up, I’m loving more extreme outdoor and adventures. I’ll give you a chance to have a peek at my adventure bucket list. This might encourage you to create one. ^_^

Note: ☻ = been there, done that! ^_^

Scuba diving
Bike Tour
White water rafting
Run a full marathon
Bungee Jumping

So there you go. My kind of adventure!